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Island Time Sushi Bar and Seafood Grill

islandtimelogoIsland Time Sushi Bar and Seafood Grill
4225 S Padre Island Dr., Ste 9
Corpus Christi, TX 78418
(361) 949-3046
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downloadThe moment you walk into Island Time Sushi Bar and Seafood Grill, the vibe and attention to detail presented conveys that you are somewhere special. The doorway transports you from the island into island chic with an atmosphere and mood that sets the foundation to enjoy a stellar meal.  The centrally-placed sushi bar is the front border of an open kitchen, original local art hangs proudly on the walls and you are given the option to sit in the ultra-cool wine lounge. The eclectic menu, peppered with locally-cured meats and locally-grown produce, is innovative and fun with solid non-sushi options.

Attention to detail: one of the most important aspects of elevating food into cuisine. Island Time has it in spades and uses it to create an exceptional dining experience.

10982080_658846597583867_1604830533832208791_nConsider the sashimi plate served on a 1,000-year-old block of Himalayan salt, infusing each piece of delicate fish with a perfectly salty twang. Or the homemade chicharon, deep-fried, in-house-cured pork belly. Or the transformation, as it should be at any sushi restaurant, of sushi into art rather than another slice of fish served on another wad of rice. Or the amazingly informed, friendly waitstaff whose interaction strengthened the meal (when, honestly, is the last time you experienced that?). We could go on and on.

“We want to set ourselves apart,” said owner Romeo Galindo. “As a restaurant, you do that with fresh, flavorful food, locally-grown whenever possible. That’s what people respond to: taste. ”

He’s right and we did our best to try everything on the menu.  We are placing a combination of two items on 40 Things to Eat in Corpus Christi. Call it a cheat if you must but, hey, we make the rules around here. When you taste this combo, you’ll understand.

11428535_10205336883953837_1332433900_nThe Crispy Pork Belly Steam Buns ALONG WITH The Crispy Brussels Sprouts are incredible, filled with the attention to detail and thoughtfulness that makes your palette really pay attention.

Fresh steamed buns with a perfectly-cooked chunk of cured-in-house, Texas-raised pork belly topped with house-pickled radishes, locally-grown microgreens and a homemade sweet chili hoisin sauce. The Texas-grown brussels sprouts are cleaned, halved and flash fried creating the elusive blackened, crispy edges that are oh, so good.

10424230_546744142127447_4619985190000274987_n“Honestly, it’s much more convenient and much less expensive to buy everything from a food distributor,” said Galindo, “but customers looking for something special see right through it. When you’re responsible for the taste of everything you serve, you want to put care and thought into every dish. That’s why my wife makes all our deserts from scratch. It shows and people care.”

Yes it does and yes we do.

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